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How does it work?

The steps are quick & easy:


On every table in your restaurant place a small Bar Buddie sticker (or a stand) with brief instructions, and a QR code

Guests scan the QR code and after registration, starts ordering thru their favorite chat app such as  WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, etc – without having to install anything or logging in

The waiter assigned to the table receives on his device (shared tablet / smartphone) a notification about a new order, after the products are selected, and order is filed

Guests can use Bar Buddy anytime they wish to make additional orders, consult the menu, ask for for their bill, etc. The payment link sent back opens Payconiq or other banking app for contactless payment.

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All-in-one QR code

Covid-19 contact-tracing registration, digital menu consultation, food and drinks ordering, order correction or cancelation, request and pay bills, all of it is possible with one scan of the Bar Buddie QR code, without having to install any apps. A true seamless customer experience.



Guests use their favorite chat app (WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, etc) to interact with Bar Buddieand perform a multitude of self-service operations. Waiters and baristas get live notifications of incoming new orders. Guests are kept up-to-date with live updates and in turn are served with minimal waiting time.



“I want 1 latte 2 fresh mint tea and 1 Gin tonic for table 20 please”
“How much costs a bottle of white wine?”
or “Could i have my bill please?”

Bar Buddie is a multi-language AI chatbot that understands what guests ask him, in a free text and natural language.  Guests place their orders as they would do to a real life waiter.


Daily Sales reports

You will receive daily sales reports (through email) at a chosen time; You can customize the report by using various filters and see what matters to you, such as top 10 most sold items, average spend per customer, total amount sold per waiter or daily/weekly/monthly income.

“Two Gin tonic and one beer for table 7”
“How much costs 1 bottle of red wine?”
“Can I get the bill? I’m sitting at table 2”
Bar Buddie works around the clock and meets 95% of customers needs in a personalized experience
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Predictive Analytics


Predictive analytics make use of historical data to predict future trends and outcomes. With help of historical data points, you can make your business more profitable. You can for example make more accurate scheduling, order the right amount and type of articles, minimizing your food waste and much more.

Increase your profit and get your menu right


Use your business data to decide what menu items you should keep, which dishes need to be re-introduced, and what meals should be considered for promotions and discounts

Access all of your relevant data from one platform


With our web service Bar Buddie, you get access to all relevant data related to your business in an easy to use dashboard. You see sales numbers in real time and can easily set up customized reports.  No matter where you are, you are in control of your business.


Keep track of average ticket size per customer, most popular dishes and more through the data available through the POS to make better menu and pricing decisions.

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